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For the Dutch out there or the just plain curious and adventurous, Albion Park Village Meats now proudly stock a range of Dutch delicacy's.

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Chicken Croquette (Kroketten)

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Beef Croquette (Kroketten)

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Mini Croquette Bitterbal

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The Beef and Chicken Croquette (Kroketten) is a deep fried snack, extremely popular in the Netherlands with over 300 million sold each year. It is crunchy on the outside, but very soft and smooth on the inside.

The mini version of the croquette is originally called " Bitterbal" and is often enjoyed with an afternoon drink or as finger food at a party.

The popularity of the Croquette is only surpassed by the Frikandel, a minced-chicken hot dog,  of which about 580 million are sold each year in the Netherlands.

These products and cooking instructions are now available at Albion Park Village Meats proudly sourced from
Dutch Food Catering

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